Exporting Images from R4

Images cannot be lifted straight from the dental software into our system, they need to be exported.

In R4, In order to view the patient’s radiographs click on the X-Ray icon at the top of the Clinical Chart view. select the appropriate radiograph. Use the copy function.

On your computer use the search function located in the start menu (or to the side of the start menu – dependent on your version of windows)

Type the word “Paint”, your computer will display the options available and Paint (as pictured below) should be one of them:

Select this and paint will open. Using your keyboard press “ctrl” and “V” to paste your radiograph into the program.

Then go to “File” > “Save as” > “JPEG picture”

This will give you a window allowing you to choose where to save the image, once this is done please upload the image as detailed in Adding attachments

To export a patient image from CS SoftDent Software’s database

1. Click List in the main menu bar.
2. Select Patient. The Patient List Window is displayed.
3. Highlight the desired patient.
4. Click Show Images on the Express Bar. The Thumbnail Viewer is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
5. Right-click on the desired image to export.
6. Select Export. The Save As… Window is displayed.
7. Select a location and filename for the image to be exported.
8. Select the desired image file type to save the exported image as from the Save as Type drop down menu.
9. Click OK.
10. The image can now be accessed from the location to which it was saved.