Uploading Radiographs

Radiographs can be uploaded to the referral in different formats. Please utilise jpeg’s wherever possible as they are smaller files and can be opened by all the providers.

Please do not save the radiographs into word documents or PDF’s. The system uploads all radiographs that are in image file format to PACS; it cannot do this if the radiograph is embedded into another file

When uploading radiographs you will be asked to enter the date the radiograph was taken, this is for clinical reasons and for the correct indexing of the files when they are uploaded to PACs.

OPG films

If you need to add physical (film based) OPG’s to the referral, please use the  “Submit referrals and Submit radiographs by post button”.

This will put the referral into a holding group until we receive the radiograph at the office. We will upload this and send the referral to triage/into the system, the films will be returned in batches. Please ensure you label the radiograph with the URN, the date it was taken and the name and address of the practice.

It is important that you state that you are posting them on the referral itself, this is to avoid us rejecting it back to you or sending to triage without them (as we assume you may have inadvertently pressed the incorrect submit button). If the films are not received within 5 working days the referral will be returned to you.

Urgent Cancer referrals cannot be set as awaiting radiographs

Address for Posting Radiographs:

Dental Referral Management Centre 
6 The Offices 
Stannian Fold 
Pool Lane 
WA13 9AB<

Do not send radiographs to the providers, they have to come to the referral centre to be scanned if you do not have the facility to do it yourself.

If you use the send by post button the referral still becomes a locked document that you cannot add to or edit.

OPG’s on Discs

You will be able to export the images from the disc using your practice computers and upload them, however if you are experiencing difficulty with this please contact us for assistance.