Adding attachments

Attachments can be added in 2 different boxes

Password protected files must not be used as the portal will not be able to display the image/file for the triager. This will delay the referral.

Box 1 (Left) is for radiographs only. Please save these as jpegs wherever possible (TIF files are large and may delay the referral due to the file size limitations of email). You will be required to enter the date the radiograph was taken.

Box 2 (Right) is for all other documents. Please save any scanned documents as jpegs (again to avoid delays due to file sizes). If you are unsure how to convert image files please follow the instructions below:

* Right click on the file on your computer, select Open With and then select Paint. Once the image opens in paint, use File > Save As and select jpeg; this will vastly reduce the file size

Once the files are in the boxes select the appropriate upload option.

Submit and submit radiographs by post does NOT send the referral to triage but places it in a holding list as we await your X-rays through the post. You may be asked to use this option for other referrals by the referral administrator.

These rads should be posted to:

Dental Referral Management Centre 
6 The Offices 
Stannian Fold 
Pool Lane 
WA13 9AB

* If you are sending radiographs to us in the post please ensure they are accompanied by the URN, the date the radiograph was taken and your practice details.

Submit Referral sends your referral directly to triage.

Once you use one of the submit buttons the system will allocate a URN to the referral – Please make a note of this so you can track the patients referral.

Once you have clicked a submit button the referral becomes locked and cannot be edited from your dashboard. If you have made a mistake and need to amend the information, you need to contact the Referral Management Centre (with the URN) to request for it to be rejected back to you. The Referral Centre cannot edit the forms for you as they are locked medico-legal documents.

If you have any concerns, questions about file types, or issues with uploading please contact the RMS for further assistance.