Moving Radiographs from one referral to another

Downloading a radiograph to attach to a new referral form

If a referral has been rejected or discharged and we have uploaded radiographs for you, you can download the image that we have attached and attach it to a new referral.

Simply search for the referral (this can be done by patient name, date of birth or URN), once you find it click on the URN and a new window will open.

Click on the radiograph in the list of files on the right hand side, the image will load and you can then click on it with the right mouse button and select save image (this may be labelled differently dependent on the browser you are using). The image will download to your computer and you will then be able to attach it to the new referral.

Please ensure that the if you are using the same radiograph that it is still within "date" - i.e. most providers require a radiograph no older than 6 months.