Ensuring upload and correct patient details

Check your referral

Following selection of the radiographs, or other materials, and the selection of the date you should ensure that the:

a) The files have uploaded correctly
b) That they are of the correct patient

Ensuring files have uploaded and are available for viewing

Once you have selected “Submit referral” the upload process will begin. A successful upload will look like this – with the uploaded files shown in green.

*Referring GDPs should ensure that uploaded radiographs or documents are displayed in the radiographs or other materials area of the referral and that they are accessible after upload to the system.

You will notice that there is a date shown for radiograph files but not for additional materials. You can also check that attachments and radiographs are correctly uploaded by viewing them from within your dashboard. An uploaded referral looks like this, and you can view attachments directly from the dashboard:

You can view your radiographs in PACS or directly from the uploaded files themselves. Don’t forget you can request radiographs from hospitals using our  IEP feature (See related articles).

Ensuring the uploaded files are of the referred patient

It is important that referring dentists ensure that the radiograph that they have uploaded is of the correct patient and that the appropriate date of imaging is entered. Ideally file names will be of the patient as this helps with accurately selecting the correct radiograph for upload. You may wish to identify the radiographs or documents prior to starting the referral process, place copies on the desktop with appropriate file names.

The referring GDP should ensure that the document/s or radiograph/s to be uploaded pertain to the correct patient referral. Following upload to a referral the referring GDP should open the document/s or radiograph/s to check that they relate to the patient referral in context.

Ensuring the correct files are uploaded is of significant clinical importance. If a referral is clearly incorrect it will be rejected by triagers. As well as ensuring the patient is correct, the referrer should ensure that the correct image type is supplied and the appropriate view.