Making your first test referral using standard data - Wales System


This guide helps you to create your first test referral in our live system.  This is the first stage for new GDPS once they have received their referral login details.

Full details of how to use the system can be found in the online manuals which you can access here, and there is lots of information available on our website here. At the bottom of this page are related articles that you will find helpful.

You will be undertaking a referral using standardised test patient data. These should be entered manually. If you wish to test software integration instructions for this can be found at the end of the page.

You will be recreating a standard referral.  Please download the referral here so you can see the information that you need to include.  The link is below.  This is the minimum data that you should include in your test referral, but feel free to add anything else you wish.  For example, you may wish to add a sedation request into the referral.  The test form that you use will be the same as the live forms, except there is no provider choice (for example hospitals) as the referral is not sent onwards.  Your first referral may take up to 10 minutes to complete but typically users can complete referrals in 3 minutes.

Download the test referral here - this is in PDF format.  Most computers include a PDF reader, but if you don't have one you can get a free Adobe Reader here

Getting started & logging in

You will have been provided with a username, password for the live site.  If you don't have these yet, you may need to complete the sign up process which can be found here - simply complete your details and we will get you started.

Once you have accessed the site you will see the login screen as show here, simply enter your username and password and press Next.  Depending on the telephone numbers you provided you will be asked how you wish to receive your pass code - this is normally by text message.  Once it has arrived, enter it into the screen and you will be logged into the system. More details on logging in can be found here

Once you have logged in you will see the main landing page that will offer you the chance to use an existing referrer, or enter a new GDC number to populate your forms. If you wish to use an existing referrer simply click on their name, or enter your GDC number to add a new referrer.

Once this has been completed you can start a test referral. If you need more guidance on logging in, see the related articles at the bottom of this page.

Selecting the test referral form

You will a button the top right of the screen like this:

Click this and you will be shown a list of possible referral forms.  Simply select the Wales  Oral Surgery TEST FORM and the referral form will be presented to you for completion.

You can now test your form and see how it functions.  You may be asked to complete mandatory fields as part of this process. In certain parts of the form, such as the medical history the system may suggest inputs to you; an example of this is in the prescribed drugs section where there is a link to the BNF database.

Test patient data for use

In order to complete the test referral we would like you to use the following data. This ensures that we can confirm that the system is operating properly.

1. Patient demographic look up

Please use the NHS demographics system to look up the patient's details, using the "I have the patients NHS number" option.  You can access this by pressing the button on the right hand side of the screen as shown below:

The patients details are:

NHS Number: 9990243468
Date of Birth: 11/03/1944

This is the only information you need to get the patient's details and their GP practice information.

These details are live on the NHS demographics system, which enables you to test the NHS lookup.  Use this approach to populate. You will be undertaking a referral using standardised test patient data. These should be entered manually. If you wish to test software integration instructions for this can be found at the end of the page.

You can now transfer the patient data to your form and complete the rest of the referral. Please enter a contact number for the patient as the test patient's don't have one.  Try using a mobile number and you can see the SMS consent system in play.  Any number beginning with 07 will work. We also need to enter the care type - we will select Routine.

Your referral will now look something like this:

2. Clinical details

You should refer the patient for a complex extraction - with impaction - of the lower right third molar. The patient has experienced repeated episodes of peri-coronitis and there is evidence of caries developing on the distal of the second molar.  Look at the downloaded PDF for an example of how you might complete the form.

3. Medical History

Supply a complex medical history of a patient with heart disease who has had two previous heart attacks and is on the following medications:


You will find that the medical history form will suggest drug names and conditions to help you complete the form accurately.  Again, look at the supplied PDF for examples.

4. Radiograph upload

The final section of the form is to upload a radiograph to support the referral.  If you need an example to use, see the box below.

Here is a sample radiograph that you can download and use for your test referral.  Download here. Don't forget that you should check carefully when uploading radiographs that they are of the correct patient.  Be sure to always add the date the radiograph was taken.  For our example we can use 1/1/2019.

You can either drag and drop the file, or use the file browser to upload the film file.  Feel free to add any additional radiographs that you might have as examples.  You might also want to try using the scanner we have provided if you need to scan a traditional wet film.

You are now ready to complete your test referral - just press Submit Referral!

If all has gone well you will see this notification:

The URN is shown in bold and this is how you and your patients can track referrals in the system.  When you back to your dashboard - you will see the referral in the "Triage" tab, and click on it to see the final file that has been produced.  You are free to download this to keep in your patient records if you wish. Use the download as single attachment link shown on the details page here:

5. Finished!

You have completed your first referral - and we will reject this back to you so that you can see how this process works.  You can learn more about the dashboard, how to edit and resubmit a referral and notification systems by browsing the online manual here or why not join one of our interactive webinars?  Find a date and time that suits and book directly using this link.

Feel free to explore!

You are free to submit as many test referrals as you like, in any format as long as you use the TEST FORM only.  

Please do not use other forms for testing as this will result in a live referral being sent. 

Please encourage all members of your practice to try a test referral. If you have any concerns, problems or issues please email us at  If you would like to test your software integration, please use the same TEST FORM.  Further instructions on setting up your integration are here.