Entering GDC Numbers & Configuring Notifications

Entering your GDC Number

The first screen you come to following a successful login is the GDC number screen. We use the GDC number extensively in the referral management application to ensure that we can track and trace your referrals, and to ensure that discharge notices, patient information and other materials are sent to the correct referrer.  You need only enter the GDC number once, and if you are using one of our integrated systems, this number should be populated when the referral is made.  Please check this - especially if you are using a colleagues computer or shared resource in the practice.

PLEASE NOTE: GDC numbers cannot be removed once entered and confirmed, this is for clinical governance. Please ensure that the GDC number you are entering is correct before confirming that you wish to use it in referral entry

If you are checking for rejections or are logging in to amend a form, you can use the 'enter manually' button if you wish.

If you have entered your GDC number correctly, but get an error, please enter manually. These errors are usually due to a problem with the GDC website.

Once you have entered your GDC number you can look up your data, once this is saved your name will appear as a recent search for convenience, so there is no need to enter this on each occasion.

Get Rejection Notifications and Copies of your Referrals

Many users want to include copies of their referrals within their own practice system - thats easy to do.  Simply add your NHS NET address here and we will send you a completed referral as soon as its ready.

We will always email the main practice email address (the one used to login with) notifying you if your referral has been rejected.  However, in large practices and for those who refer infrequently an individual notification can be sent.  This can be sent via text message to prompt you to take action - just enter your mobile number here.

Please be sure to enter these details correctly as we will send clinical data to the NHS NET address and notifications to the mobile number provided. We may send you a confirmation email to your NHS NET to ensure that the details are correct.

We will only send you an SMS message regarding rejection of your own referrals - not those for the whole practice.  This is based on the GDC number used for the referral.

These details can also be configured in the  “Configure Notifications” tab at the top of your dashboard (home page).