Common Rejection Reasons

Date of Birth

Issue: The date of birth is generating an error message. This is normally caused by the format being incorrect.

Solution: Enter the date of birth as follows: DD/MM/YYYY. Please ensure you are using the zero as opposed to the O.

Age restriction

Issue: In some areas the pathways are only appropriate for certain age ranges (for example all referrals in Greater Manchester for under 16’s must be referred using the Child Oral Care form – with the exception of orthodontics). The MOS, restorative and maxillofacial forms will show an error when you enter the date of birth if they are under 16.

Solution Complete the correct form for the age of the patient.

*Please Note: We do not look after all services in every area. If the correct form does not display in your online system, it is not a service we look after.

Referring for a condition that does not require anaesthesia

Issue: You are referring for TMJ or using the other box on a form and it will not let the form through without an anaesthesia option being selected.

Solution: Please just select the local anaesthesia button, the form is generic for certain conditions. These sections allow the system to trigger an IOSN (Indication of Sedation Need) form as required for IV and GA. The treating practitioners will understand why LA is ticked when they receive the form.

Postcode errors

Issue: When entering the patients postcode you will sometimes see an error message relating to longitude or latitude. This means that the postcode lookup cannot find the address. It is usually caused by the details being free-entered into the form.

Solution: Please enter the postcode and select the address from the drop down menu. If the incorrect street drops down or the house/flat number is not available this normally means that the postcode you have for the patient is incorrect.

(For example: sometimes odd numbers on a street are one postcode and the even numbers are another as they are opposite sides of the road).

These can be easily searched using google by entering the first line of the address and the town. Please ensure you are using the zero where there are numbers as opposed to the O.

*If the issue still persists please contact the referral centre, it may be that an external provider is experiencing technical issues.

The triager or provider cannot see a document you have attached

Issue: You have attached a document as a PDF to a referral, but the triager or provider keeps rejecting it stating it is not there.

Solution: The way you are saving/exporting the scanned file is causing the issue. Normally if it saves as .PDF it will fail as the file type should be in lower case (ie .pdf). This can be a simple case of just changing the file type to lower case letters. If this does not work, export the file as an image (jpeg, bmp, png etc) and attach this.

*Unfortunately it is impossible to make the system re-encode every PDF file to the same format as there are hundred’s of PDF converters all using different encoding (many are online converters).