Discharging a restorative patient

At any time you can discharge a patient. This is a two stage process that collects data on the outcomes of the treatment and then discharges the patient back to the referrer. (Please note: these options may appear in a different format based on your area).

From the accepted or contacted section click on the URN and then discharge which will be at the top left of the window that opens:

Outcome data

On the left hand side are the metrics for the patient. They describe the main diagnosis, procedure and delivery. Simply complete these and indicate on the dental charting the teeth that  treated. While there may have been multiple diagnoses and procedures, you should indicate the most severe or impactful one.

If several treatments have been completed, please indicate each one:

PLEASE NOTE: Once discharged this data cannot be amended. Please ensure you have selected the correct options before discharging.

If a patient failed to attend, select this option under Treatment Delivery.

If you send the TX Complete discharge letter this will produce a standard template letter where you can add comments to the referring dentist. Again, these comments are sent verbatim to the practitioner. You can see an example of the discharge template letter here. The wording is adjusted appropriately for your area.

You can also use the manual discharge option where you will be required to upload your discharge letter to the system, as well as any other materials, e.g radiographs, treatment plans, radiographs, etc. A discharge letter must be provided.

Finalising Discharge

You should now select the appropriate discharge option from the right hand 

If you reject a referral it will appear in your rejected tab. However if the GDP re-submits the referral it will be removed from that tab as it will no longer be in a rejected state

Once discharged the patient will be moved to the appropriate tab.