Setting up Restorative PReSS

This is the dashboard for your PReSS login. Any number of users can login and process referrals from this page. However, before that can be done it’s important to set up the system with your details.

These contact details need to be accurate as rejection letters, discharge letters, etc, will be sent out with with these included.

Contact Details

Firstly set up the address and contact details for your practice. If you manage services out of several locations you will be able to enter these later – but for now you should place the main practice contact details, by selecting “Update information”. You can then simply enter the relevant information and press “Save Information”. When you return to the dashboard you will see that your contact information has been updated.

Configure Contracts

Click the configure contracts button, this will allow you to add contracts administered by this login. Enter the contract details, these can then be assigned to a patients referral as in the clip below

Wait Times

Now set your current waiting times for treatment. These details will be provided to referrers in future releases when selecting providers, so that patients can make an informed choice. These therefore, need to be accurate. Simply click on the button “Configure treatment times” and you will be able to enter the details as shown.

Multiple Sites

If you operate out of several sites and wish to manage each of them from a single PReSS dashboard, you may wish to add their addresses to the system. This will enable you to send out correspondence from those addresses as required. To do this simply select “Alternate mailing address”, where you can add as many additional addresses as needed.

Adding and removing phone numbers

This can be done using the button underneath your practice details, from here you can add and remove phone numbers to login. Please note you must be fully logged in to utilise this: