Adding additional data once a referral is submitted

Once you have submitted a referral the form becomes locked; however it is possible to change the address and contact details for the patient. 

PLEASE NOTE this does not alter the priority of a referral on an orthodontic waiting list. The additional data is added and cannot trigger priority care on an orthodontic form; in order to do this a referral has to be rejected back to you to amend the clinical information entered via the tick boxes within the template. you will need to email the referral centre with the URN for us to reject the referral.

To add additional data:

  1. From the appropriate section (in this case from in triage), click on the URN:

 2. In the window that opens click "Add Information" at the bottom of the new window:

 3. Enter any new information in the box that opens and update the contact details as necessary:

Once you have clicked submit the new information is added at the bottom of the form as pictured below:

The referral will be updated in a provider PReSS system or if it goes to a provider that receives via email or ERS it will be sent back to them