Locating referrals discharged to Secondary Care

If following the assessment/treatment of a patient you have sent them on to a secondary care provider, you will be able to track the referral from your PReSS dashboard. This is done from the "Sent to secondary care" tab:

This will display a list of the referrals you have discharged to Secondary care and can be searched by URN, name and date of birth. Clicking the URN will display the tracking information and current status:

This will display all attachments and the comments from your practice (this assumes you have filled in the comments from primary care specialist during discharge); and allow you to see the tracking:

As the hospitals do not use PReSS, the tracking can only display that an email has been sent to them and if they have clicked on the received link. Our system can track the referral no further than that stage as we do not have access to the hospitals internal systems..

As PReSS was adapted to cope with the UDC requirements during 2020, the "Referrals sent to secondary care" tab will also display any referrals that were directed on to AGP or sedation providers from PReSS if your area had this button.