Orthodontic Retention

Regulations and advice

The following advice has been provided by the MCN Chair in Greater Manchester.

NHS orthodontists supervise retention for 1 year. The patient has the choice whether to access a private orthodontist to replace retainers (and this doesn’t have to be the person who has treated them). Alternatively if the GDP is willing to take private impressions these may be sent to an orthodontic lab for a private fee to construct Essix retainers that can then be posted out.  The GDP is under no obligation to supervise retention or deal with relapse.
Recently the guidance has changed around replacement of retainers in the longer term and advice to patients is now that they contact either their GDP or an Orthodontist in Primary Care to replace retainers on a private basis

You can find all the primary care orthodontic providers in your area on your Directory of Services, at the main website