Yorkshire Orthodontic Guidelines

The use of the eRMS for orthodontic referrals is hoped to streamline the provision of NHS orthodontics for patients, referrers and providers.

Entering the correct data into the eRMS will enable patients to be prioritised for treatment due to treatment need and seen in a timely manner in the most appropriate setting. Incorrectly completed forms will be rejected, with continuing audit of the quality of the referrals to determine that the correct domains are being selected by the referring practitioners.

Patients being referred for comprehensive orthodontic treatment must be eligible for NHS treatment with an IOTN of 3.6 or above, suitable and ready for treatment, with good oral hygiene. All patients referred for comprehensive orthodontic treatment must have had bitewing radiographs taken within the last 24 months that are required to be uploaded with the referral.

Patients being referred for advice / interceptive treatment do not require bitewing radiographs.