Large Attachments and eRS

You may see this, or an equivalent error when submitting referrals via an eRS provider.  The national eRS cannot accept individual files greater than 5MB and, due to the process of encryption, we enforce a level at 4.8MB.  There are a range of ways of making your file smaller and there are some common issues with certain file types that can be easily addressed.

File types

Common file types that create large files and how to deal with them:

File Type  Used for How to make smaller?
TIFF Often used in older GP systems and hospital correspondence - often very large files in excess of 10MB You can open the document and see if you are able to "Save As" PDF or you can take a screenshot and save as PNG.
BMP Bitmap files are often used in imaging and for radiographs - they can be very large Use a conversion tool, or screenshot utility and save as PNG format - this preserves the quality of the image but takes much less space
RTF These are typically document files and are often generated by practice management systems Documents are best saved as PDF format.  Note that in certain professional versions you can further reduce the size of the PDF