New Online Scanning Software

You can now scan using the website.  This may be helpful if you don't or cant use the desktop software - and its very simple.  To get started go to the following link:

It may be worthwhile adding this link as a bookmark.  We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox.  You may be asked if the browser can access your "webcam" - simply say yes and then you should see a live image of from the radiograph scanner.  If you have more than one camera device attached you may need to select it from the dropdown menu.

Using the new online scanner

You can control the brightness and contrast using the sliders.  Simply press the "Grab Still Frame" to collect your image.

if you wish to specify the download location and file name within Chrome or Firefox you will need to adjust your settings. See links below


Firefox: Click the orange Firefox button, then Options. Under the download section on the General tab, select "Always ask where to save files"