Adding Telephone Numbers

It is possible to add or remove telephone numbers that can receive the codes to login from your dashboard 

In the past it was necessary to email us to add or remove a user's phone number.  You can now do this from within your own dashboard and it only takes a moment to do.

You will need to login to your dashboard to do this - if you are not sure how to do this - see the links at the bottom of this page, and select "Logging in" to get started. We recommend that you check your login telephone numbers on a regular basis, and make sure that its up to date - especially if someone leaves your organisation or looses their 'phone.

To do this you must have entered your username and password, received a code and logged in - It cannot be done without logging in fully as this would be a security risk. If you are trying to add your own number please ask a colleague to login and add your number.

It is the practices responsibility to ensure that if a colleague leaves the practice, their number is removed from the system.

At the top of your dashboard select "Settings" and then "Phone numbers to receive PIN"
You can now edit the numbers as below:

Note for PReSS Users

You will find a button underneath your practice details where you can add and remove phone numbers to receive the PIN's from your system

Note for N3 (Community or Hospital) Users

If you have a permanent connection to N3, there is no need to use OTP authentication - you can simply login in with username and password - just visit