Raising a Change Request / Data Request

FDS are committed to improving the referral platform on a continual basis.  We also recognise that commissioners have data needs that may or may not be met by the current dashboard provision.  In order to ensure that requests are managed following our Change Management Process, and to ensure that requests can be prioritised and tracked we have introduced a commissioner request portal.

Accessing the Portal

You will need to set up a user account, this only takes a few minutes:


You can request an account by clicking the "Sign-Up" piece on the main page.  

Once your account has been activated please select your request type:

Please complete as many details as you can, upload supporting documents and provide any links or examples that you may have.  Your request will be acknowledged and you will be kept up to date with the progress of the issue as we manage it.

We hope that this new service makes monitoring changes simpler for you, reduces the reliance on emails, and helps us demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the process, please email the office as usual.

Change Requests for Welsh Health Boards

You should use this form initially and then you may be asked to complete a formal change request form depending on the nature of your request.