Referrals in Active Treatment and Referrals Waiting for Review

In your system there may be additional tabs for patients labelled  “Referrals in active treatment” and “Referrals waiting for review”. You can move patient’s between these tabs by selecting a referral and using the options at the top of the screen, the first stage is to assess and accept (or reject, send to secondary care etc).

From the accepted referrals tab this can be done as follows:

At any point in the process you can reject a patient who has failed to contact you. This will reject the referral back to the GDP with a standard letter and update the tracking accordingly.

The correct method for DNA. If the patient does not contact you please use the DNA – NO CONTACT button that is not in the discharge section. The referrer is informed about the DNA and there is no fee assessed. If you have an appointment scheduled for a patient who then fails to attend, use the discharge option and unselect the assessment – there will be no fee but the DNA is different – i.e. they have wasted an appointment rather than simply not getting in touch.
By clicking on a referral in any worklist you will be able to access all the referral documents, any rejection letters, radiographs, etc. You will also see any previous activity related to that patient.

This function should be used if you believe that the referral would be more appropriately seen in secondary care. You must provide a justification for this re-direction in the “Comments from primary Care Specialist” box. All referrals will have been triaged and hence deemed appropriate for your service and onwards referrals of this type are monitored.

If your area utilises the interactive referral form, the form has directed the referral based on the algorithm as designed by your orthodontic Managed Clinical Network (MCN).You must add comments and can change the secondary care provider choice if required, (assuming that the hospital you wish to send to is accepting referrals, (if they do not appear in this list they are not accepting referrals of this type). Please note that many hospitals will NOT accept out of area referrals.

Your comments are sent verbatim to the provider and are rendered into a PDF file that becomes part of the referral.

If you wish to place a patient on review please select the options as below:

To send a letter back to the referring GDP without rejecting the referral the following button is used:

And will allow you to type into a template letter that appears as follows:

“Dear Dr. *****

Re: Your Patient ******* ******* – Referral Reference TST0002351 – DOB – 01/02/04

This patient has been accepted for treatment here at PROVIDER NAME. Below is an update to the treatment we will be carrying out and details of any work required by yourselves before Ortho treatment can commence:

Once the requested treatment has been carried out please call us to confirm that this has been done

Thank you.


The GDP will receive an email notification of this and where to find it as follows:

“Dear Dr *****

Re: Referral TST0002351

Many thanks for submitting this referral. A letter has been attached to the referral with a treatment update.

If this is an online referral this can be accessed by logging in and clicking on the URN, the list of attachments will have an additional letter attached from the provider with the update.”

The letter will appear in the attachment list as pictured below: