Logging into PReSS

To login you can either visit www.dental-referrals.org or use the direct link here

Enter the username and password provided by the Referral Centre.

Please Note: the Username and password are practice and not person specific so all users at a practice utilise the same details.

If you have given us a single phone number, the system will ring or text you with a PIN number that needs to be entered on the next screen.

* If you have provided us with a number that utilises call handling or an answer phone service, you will not be able to receive the codes via this number. Please contact us to add either direct dial numbers or mobiles

If you have provided multiple numbers they will appear in a list allowing you and your colleagues to select the number to use and the delivery method (call or SMS).

A new PIN is required every time you login, this is called two-step verification and is an essential part of the system security as required by the NHS.

Please enter the PIN to be taken to your PReSS Dashboard

PLEASE NOTE: If you select SMS and the text has not arrived within 30 seconds, please use the start over link and select the phone call option. While it’s rare, the text system can be delayed.

Community and Secondary Care

If you are in a community or hospital setting, or if you have access to N3 via our VPN or other link, you can paste this URL into your browser:


Using this link over N3 does not require further authentication via SMS or voice call.