Orthodontic Tracking Information

When tracking an orthodontic referral there is different information to consider:

Sent to GM – Accept for treatment (waiting List),

CWW Orthodontic Wait List


These all mean that the referral has been through triage and, based on the information on the form, is eligible for orthodontic treatment on the NHS.

These are waiting lists and you cannot contact a provider at this time as the referral has not been sent to one.

Once on these accepted lists the referral is awaiting a space to become available at a primary care orthodontist. When we reach the referral on the list it will be sent to a provider and their details will show in the tracking information.

Please note: the provider it is sent to ultimately decides if the patient is eligible for NHS orthodontics when they attend the assessment appointment.

There has been an increase in demand for orthodontic treatment recently which has resulted in an increase in patient waiting times across the whole of Greater Manchester. As patients are triaged according to clinical need and age, this will result in some patients waiting longer than others.

In addition, there could be a longer waiting time for a named provider, however it is important to remember that requesting the soonest provider may result in longer journeys for appointments and this may not always be convenient and once a course of orthodontic treatment is started it is not possible to move to another provider.

When referring patients for orthodontic treatment please explain to the patient and their parents/guardians, that waiting times are extensive. The Referral Management Centre cannot give exact waiting times and the place on the list is not indicative of the wait. 

Central Midlands 

Referrals are sent directly to the providers and are not held on a central waiting list. Please contact them directly for waiting times etc

If a provider states zz (Contract only Allows Internal Patients) – This means exactly what it says and they will reject external referrals.