Integrating Dentally

We are pleased to say that Dentally is fully integrated with Dental Referrals.

You will need an API Key in order to integrate your software and start referring from your software. Please see related article "Getting your API Key" ( - the following information is taken from Dentally's website and you should check here for any updates.

Setting Up Dental Referrals

You can use Dentally to start the process of referring a patient for further treatment within the NHS. Once the referral has been created in Dentally, you can finalise it and track it using your referral provider’s website.

How to create and submit a referral

Once your integration with your referral provider has been set up in Dentally, you will have a ‘referrals’ tab in each patient’s record. In this tab you can create and view any referrals submitted for this patient.

To create a new referral, click the New Referral button. You will need to select a form from the drop down list of available options, ensure the correct practitioner is selected and state whether the referral is urgent.

Once the referral has been created, it will be displayed in the referrals screen and should be immediately submitted to your referrals provider.

The referral will then be shown with the options you selected.

The  Status will show when the referral has been successfully submitted to your referral partner. If this status shows an error, it has not been submitted and can be removed using the bin icon. You should check your settings are correct for your referrals integration.

The  Practitioner shows which practitioner has submitted the referral and Requester shows which logged in user created it in Dentally.

Dental Referrals will send you a copy of any information sent to the patient, these can be viewed by clicking on the items under the  Files section.

Once a referral has been successfully submitted, it will be given a  Referral ID from your referral provider and this can be used as a link to display the referral on their website.

Setting up the Integration with your Referrals provider.

This requires access to the Settings menu in Dentally which is only accessible to users with Level 4 security access.

You will need an API key from your referral provider.

Once you have this key, go to Settings>Integrations>NHS Patient Referrals.

Select your referrals Provider from the drop down list and enter you API key in the box provided.