Patient Choice

Each area operates differently based on the system set up by their commissioning team.

In most areas the secondary care choice can be completed on the referral form, this is used  IF the referral is triaged as a level 3 case. Level 2 providers are allocated based on their proximity to the patient’s postcode.

On the orthodontic referral form the algorithm designed by your Managed Clinical Network (MCN) decides the level of care that the referral is sent to; based on the options you have ticked on the form. If at the end of the form you only have secondary care choices, this indicates that the form has designated the patient as a secondary care case and conversely the same is true if only primary care providers are shown

Patient choice information can be found on our website:

“The referral management service exists to ensure that patients are seen in the most appropriate settings for their care needs. Your referral will be assessed by a clinician who will determine, from the information provided by your dentist, where this is. It could be in a hospital or in a community or primary care setting.

As a patient you cannot choose which of these settings you are seen in – however, your dentist will always discuss with you the options available. If you are referred to a hospital then you will have the right to choose which one as discussed below (Please note this is dependant on the hospital providing the treatment you are being referred for).

Patient choice and team work is at the heart of NHS service provision, dentists and other health care professionals must work in partnership with patients, with each other, and as part of a wider multi-disciplinary team to provide high quality care to patients.

We are committed to offering choice where available and making sure that this choice is as informed as possible.

Referrals into Hospital Dental Services

If you are referred for your first outpatient appointment then in most cases you have the right to choose which hospital in your area to go to. This will include many private and NHS hospitals that provide services to the NHS.

You are also able to choose which consultant-led team will be in charge of your treatment, as long as that team provides the treatment you require. Therefore, if you wish to be treated by a particular consultant for a procedure, you can choose to have your first outpatient appointment at the hospital where the consultant works, and to be treated by that consultant’s team – Please note: this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be seen by the consultant themselves.

Primary / Community Care

The right to choose a primary care provider is not guaranteed in the same way as secondary care. However, we will do all we can to ensure that choice is available where geographically and clinically available.

You do not have a legal right to choice if:

* You need urgent or emergency treatment
* You are serving in the armed forces
* You are accessing maternity services
* You are detained under the Mental Health Act
* You are detained in or on temporary release from prison, in court, an immigration removal centre or a secure children’s home
* If you are referred to high security psychiatric services or drug and alcohol misuse services provided by local authorities

You can find out more information about the NHS Choice Framework here